OTGI is a full service sourcing/procurement group.  Our job is not just to find the RIGHT product that our client is looking for at a competitive price, but also to assist them in import/export, brokerage, logistics, and transportation arrangements. 

This can be overwhelming for start-ups, small and even mid-size companies, but as your "partner in global trade" we take care of it.  Our network of partners are strategically located in key manufacturing cities worldwide who knows the value of quality work and competitive pricing.

Our services include:

  • Search reputable and suitable suppliers worldwide
  • Negotiate sales terms and pricing
  • Product sampling
  • Deal with foreign currency
  • Assist in Customs, Insurance, and Tariffs (full brokerage services)
  • Logistics and transportation arrangements
  • Search for NEW product distribution channels worldwide (as needed)
  • Search buyers for manufacturer's overstock/surplus stocks

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Product or manufacturing sourcing in a global environment is a complex process.  OTGI has the expertise in dealing with differences in language and business culture. 

Having OTGI's network of people work for you means you can concentrate on your company's core competency which is to develop an innovative product.

So the next time you need to source a product or a project, leave the bargaining to us!

Our goal is simple:

   Bigger Profit Margin

+ Better Quality Products

=  Happy Clients